development of 2fm facility


development of new 2fm facility

The City is contemplating several approaches to development of the new vehicle maintenance facility and fuel site. One approach is to require the successful purchaser to develop these facilities, the cost of which will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale. A second approach is to engage an unrelated third party to develop the site, again using proceeds from the sale to fund this project. The goal is to undertake the construction and relocation of the 2FM facilities as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  Bidders are required to include their approach/proposal to address the development of the alternate site, acknowledging that the City may elect to proceed with an unrelated third party.  

As the project manager, Cushman & Wakefield will provide a scope and preliminary budget for the project, when available, but ultimately, in the event the City elects to move ahead with the Purchaser developing the facilities, Purchaser will be responsible for overseeing and providing a turn-key development, based on the provided information.  The new vehicle maintenance facility will be designed in a manner which considers the context of the surrounding area.

The scope for such will include: 

  • Design services 
  • Ground up construction (including site preparation and remediation, if necessary)
  • The physical move 
  • Other related miscellaneous expenses 

Please note that preference will be given to offers that meet and exceed the City of Chicago MBE/WBE and City residency requirements.